Keeping Friends Connected
Fri, Mar 20 2:31pm

Dear Doniphan Families,

We are all at loose ends right now as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances. It's hard to plan ahead or even think past one day (or sometimes one moment!) at a time. Just a month ago today, we were kicking off our Read-a-thon and our principals' biggest concern was getting whipped cream in their hair. Now, that seems like the distant past with everything that's transpired.

And yet, we still find ways to be in community as a school even when we can't gather in person. ADPTA is incredibly thankful for all the times we've been able to have fun events, unite behind our students and staff, and invest in our school community so far this year. We will find a way to continue that impact, even if it takes on a different form, through the rest of the school year and beyond. Now, more than ever, the creativity and persistence of our Doniphan family will shine through.

We are grateful to our administrators, teachers, and staff, who are all working rapidly to transform the very hands-on, interpersonal process of growing K-5th grade learners into a digital format. Please be patient with them--as we all hope they'll be patient with us as we try to become temporary teachers!

Finally, remember that you can use the Konstella app to help your kids stay connected to their friends while we're all at home. The directory feature (at the bottom right in the mobile app or on the left menu on the desktop version) lets you search for the parents of your child's friends and send them a direct message to set up a phone call or video chat between your kids. If you happen to have a very talkative, social butterfly child, this is a great way to let them chitchat their little hearts out to someone besides you ;-)

Wishing you all good health and loads of patience in the days to come!

Alison Kern

ADPTA President