Stock the Shed Recess Registry
Thu, Mar 1 12:40pm
Alexander Doniphan

A new and exciting program the PTA has launched is our PTA School Improvement Grant. Submissions from our students on how they think we can best improve our school were submitted, and an idea presented by last year's Fourth Graders was approved to provide a storage shed on our playground to house balls, toys, and other items our students and teachers are currently having to drag in and out of the building everyday. Thanks to our student's hard work and research, a shed was selected and purchased by the PTA and installed right by the green top. But we could't stop there. After discussing with teachers and staff how best we could put the shed to use, the PTA has come up with a plan to install durable, long lasting storage solutions for our children and teacher's needs. That's where you come in! We need your help to reward our kids for all of their hard work at school everyday, and provide them with an enjoyable, interactive space that promotes activity and fun at recess.


We have launched our Amazon Recess Registry that includes items hand-selected by our students and teachers to stock the new shed and provide our kids with entertainment during their recess time. This is an incredibly quick and easy way for you to help us go above and beyond our kid's expectations. Simply follow the link below, select an item or items you'd like to stock the shed with, and let Amazon deliver it directly to school for you, where it will be put to good use immediately and for school years to come! If you'd rather have it delivered to your home, you can change the delivery address and then bring it to school to donate in person.


We're so proud of our students for thoughtfully and creatively coming up with an amazing idea to make their day a little more fun and organized, while taking the burden off of everyone who had to drag toys in and out everyday. It has been an honor providing our school with what we hope will be a loved addition to our students and teachers' day for years to come.


Thank you for your support in helping us take this project above and beyond for our kids.


Follow this link to the Alexander Doniphan Recess Registry: