Updating Your Classroom Assignment
Fri, Aug 3 12:51pm
Alexander Doniphan

It's an exciting day for our students as classroom assignments came out by email this afternoon!

To add your child to their new classroom on Konstella:

  • Log in to your account at konstella.com or open the app on your phone
  • Click your name at the top left (desktop) or the settings wheel at the top left (mobile)
  • Select "Your Children"
  • Select each child's name and add them to the correct class
  • Visit the classroom by clicking on the classroom name on the left menu (desktop) or selecting "Directory" and then "Browse Classrooms" (mobile). Now you can see other classmates as they add themselves to the class!

For questions, click the green circle with a question mark from the desktop version to get help or email adptapresident@gmail.com.

Looking forward to a great year together!