Konstella Room Leads & Committee Chairs 2017-2018

This is a place to share information, tips and tricks for being a Room Lead or Committee Chair on Konstella. Take a few minutes to read the Room Lead Guide provided by Konstella, and there's also a great, comprehensive list of FAQs if you click the green question mark with a circle around it up at the top of the page next to "Alexander Doniphan" in the main window.  


I am always happy to help if you have questions or problems. Since this is our first year on Konstella, there are bound to be a few bumps in the road, but I think it's going to be a great way for us to connect with each other as parents and also help out the teachers.


You can reach me through the Private Messages here, by email at adptavp@gmail.com, or on my cell at 402-741-2956. Thanks!


Alison Kern

Konstella Admin

Positions (2/3 filled)

Committee Chair Signed Up: 1 / 1

Room Lead Signed Up: 17 / 17

A group for all Konstella Room Leads to share tips and tricks, files, and ideas.

PTA Committee/Event Chairs Signed Up: 2 / 10

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