Here's How I'd Like to Help
Fri, Oct 21
Amherst Schools

Traditionally, these choices would appear at the bottom of the PTA membership form. By signing up here, you're letting us know that you'd be willing to help from time to time (or maybe more).


Help of ALL kinds is welcome and helpful!


If you're interested in spending a little more time focusing on one of these efforts, please look for "Join a Committee" on the left side of this website.


"Join a Committee" is also  where you'll find school volunteers- like room parents, art, and lunch.


Hospitality Signed Up: 41 / 0

Bake or bring in goodies for different events.

Staff Appreciation Signed Up: 38 / 0

Support the efforts of the staff appreciation committee.

Community Events Signed Up: 33 / 0

Support various community events.

Fundraising Signed Up: 21 / 0

Support various fundraising efforts- Make Enrichment & Events possible!

At home volunteer Signed Up: 40 / 0

Interested in helping in any way from home on a flexible schedule.

On-call Signed Up: 27 / 0

If you're in a pinch, feel free to call me. If I'm free, I'd love to help.