Cole-Ahhh-Paloozah is TONIGHT!
Fri, Dec 1 6:15pm-9:00pm
Archie R. Cole Middle School

Cole-Ahhh-Paloozah is Tonight!


Doors open at 6:15, with the event starting at 6:30.  Hopefully your child has their ticket.  Tickets are being sold today at lunch for $15.00.  No tickets will be sold at the door.


For tonight in addition to all the fun, your child will receive a piece of pizza and a drink as part of their admission price.  If your child wants to buy any additional food there will be food available in the cafeteria kitchen area.  Food prices vary from $1-$2 per item and will include additional pizza, drinks, chips and some candy. 


There will also be additional raffle tickets for sale tonight.  Each additional ticket will be $5.00. 


Feel the excitement Cole-Ahh-Palooza is here!!!!!!