Family Donations Still Needed
Tue, Oct 17 1:59pm
Archie R. Cole Middle School

Have your children told you about the new pinnies that they have in P.E. ?  Did you know that those were bought with funds provided by the PTG?


Did you know thanks to the PTG last year's Cole Science classes were able to buy "hands on" materials to bring science concepts alive for the students?  Wouldn't it be great if we could do that again this year!


Did you know that this year the PTG is granting $100.00 to 48 Cole teachers to buy supplies for their classrooms?


Did you know we are about $1,100.00 away from our Family Donation fundraising goal?


Please join the 138 families that have already donated by supporting the Cole PTG with a Family Donation today.  The Donation form is attached.  


Thank you for your consideration and support.


The Cole PTG is a Chapter of the East Greenwich Parent Teacher Group (EGPTG).  Donations are tax deductible.