Summer Coding Camp @ Brown
Summer computer coding camp at Brown University. One of my Brown student in PLME medical school major computer science, has a funding and support to open middle school coding camp. * In today's technological society, knowing how to code is just too important to not have a head start in learning it. By combining engineering and programming concepts, the course uses a hand-on approach to teach students how to code and leaves students the ability to continue applying what they learned even after the course. INTRODUCTION TO CODING WITH LED CUBE + ARDUINO: Students will learn programming and engineering concepts and the fundamentals of a programming language similar to C/C++. After learning a general coding framework, students will use a microcontroller (Arduino) and a LED kit to design and program a 4x4x4 LED cube. By integrating hardware and software programming, this class makes for more interactive learning. After the camp ends, students are expected to be able to continue applying what they learned. By being able to keep the microcontroller and LED kit, the course aims to prepare students to develop the tools and skills needed to eventually take initiative on their own projects. Instructor: Daniel Kim, Brown University (Computer Science) Length: 1 week (9am-3pm M-F) Session 1: Jun 25 - Jun 29 Session 2: Jul 16- Jul 20 Session 3: Jul 30 - Aug 3 Cost: $285 Location: Brown University J. Walter Wilson Classroom 69 Brown St, Providence, RI 02912 More info,
(Max: 50)