Attention Parents of 7th Graders!!
Wed, Apr 26 10:09pm
Arcola Intermediate



On June 2nd, Arcola’s 8th grade students will celebrate the beginning of the end of their time here at Arcola at the annual 8th Grade Social. The Social is a semi-formal dance held at the school with all the trappings designed to make a great and lasting Arcola memory for these students as they get ready for high school. Before you know it, you’ll turn around and your current 7th graders will be getting ready to partake of this great Arcola tradition!


A critical part of the 8th Grade Social tradition is volunteering for this event by current 7th Grade parents. You may be wondering, “why would I volunteer for an event my student doesn’t attend?” There are three main reasons:

(1) Your efforts allow 8th Grade parents to be home helping their student get ready for the dance, taking pictures and seeing them off;

(2) It’s nice for the 8th Graders to enjoy this dance and a sense of independence without their own parents present as chaperones; and,

(3) as above, before you know it, it will be your turn, and you will want to enjoy this time as well!


So, we are looking for about 15-20  7th Grade parents to volunteer to help out at the 8th Grade Social, Friday, June 2nd from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. Volunteer jobs would include set-up, helping serve food, checking students in, chaperoning and clean-up. Interested? Please contact Sarah Spletzer at, or watch your email for a Konstella sign up. 

The class of 2021 thanks you in advance for considering this important request!!