Mon, May 29 10:27pm
Arcola Intermediate
Supplies are limited! 
Click here to order yours today!    Orders end June 4th for delivery before the end of school! On August 21st, 2017 A SOLAR ECLIPSE will be visible from all across North America!  Check out the "Planetarium" tab on Arcola's webpage for updates on how to view the eclipse properly.  

Map shows path of totality

This map shows the PATH OF TOTALITY where the Sun will be completely blocked out by the Moon.  

Everywhere else in North America, including the Methacton area, will have a PARTIAL ECLIPSE.  A partial eclipse is where then moon blocks a part of the Sun but not the entire surface.  Here at Methacton the sun will be about 85% covered by the Moon.  You will need SOLAR ECLIPSE glasses to view this. NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN WITH OUT PROPER EYE PROTECTION.  Proper protection means ISO certified filters from a reputable manufacturer and free from and pin holes.  Welder's glass may be used but it must be #14 or darker.