School Supply Collection- Ends this week!
Mon, Mar 27 8:19am
Arcola Intermediate

Arcola Connections is running a school supplies drive to support the Warren G. Harding Middle School in Philadelphia. The drive will run through the end of March. We are asking you to donate any new or gently used school supplies to support students in need, including pencils, notebooks, erasers, art supplies, construction paper, etc. Drop-off boxes are available by the front and back doors. Please help Arcola Connections reach out to the community by supporting this great cause.


An Arcola parent (Diana Spang)  shares how important this supply drive is to students at Harding: "My first year of teaching was in 8th grade at Harding. I can't begin to explain the differences in what the children at Arcola have available to them compared to Harding.  As a teacher, my yearly budget was $25.00. I was expected to purchase all of my supplies with that money. Also--I taught five sections of students (28-30 students in each class). I had ONE set of 20 textbooks that were ripped up and out of date. These kids came to school with little, and there were many great kids there. Please consider sending in some supplies to help this school."