Special Education Alliance Information and Next Meeting
Mon, Nov 27 7:00pm-9:00pm
Methacton High School Library
1 day before, 5 days before

Below is information explaining the SEA and information on their next meeting.



About the Methacton Special Education Alliance (SEA)


The SEA was formed last year by the president of the Methacton Coordinating Council (MCC) and co-chairs, one a Woodland parent and one a Skyview parent. 


The SEA is a committee under the MCC. We have a planning committee of about 12 dedicated members committed to serving as SEA representatives at each Methacton school and Home & School to help us communicate the SEA mission and meeting dates/topics.


The SEA strives to: 

Provide a network of support for parents, caregivers and professionals, including access to relevant information, training and emotional support.

Encourage an atmosphere of open communication, understanding and mutual respect among all students, parents, caregivers, professionals and our communities at large.

Collaborate with parent-teacher groups, school councils and other school organizations toward the betterment of education in the Methacton School District.

Stay current on legislation and public policy issues which impact education in Pennsylvania.

Develop good working relationships with professionals and administrators who support our children.


Join us for our next Special Education Alliance (SEA) Meeting on November 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m in the Methacton High School Library.


Topic: Ask the Advocate


This is a great opportunity to learn how an advocate can help you navigate the complexities of special education and gain the services your child may need.

Please register below on our survey monkey web link below. Be sure to include your questions for the advocates on the registration form.





Melissa Bilash

Bonita J. McCabe

Maureen Stankiewicz




Melissa Bilash is one of only 100 people in the United States to have successfully completed the nationally recognized and intense training program, Special

Education Advocates Training (SEAT). This is the ONLY Federal Training program that exists to date. Melissa is the founder of Advocacy and Consulting for Education (ACFE), and has worked for over a decade on behalf of children's educational needs.



Bonita J. McCabe is a self-taught parent advocate. Since 1999, Bonita has provided advocacy services to families in the surrounding counties. She has also worked with professionals, educators, local attorneys, other advocates and also worked for a local attorney who specializes in Special Education Law. Since 2015, Bonita has been the Child Advocacy Director at The Arc of Philadelphia where she reviews and explains the procedural safeguards and teaches the families.



Maureen Stankiewicz Is a Pa. Certified paralegal and advocate who has worked in law firms regarding disability and special education matters for over 20 years. She has been affiliated with the Law Offices of Caryl Andrea Oberman, LLC, since 2001. In 2006, Maureen began working as a special education advocate receiving comprehensive attorney supervised training that included attending client meetings and IEPs with firm attorneys.