Annual Giving Campaign
Tue, Dec 1 2:46pm

Dear Argonne Parent or Guardian:
First and foremost, we hope that you and your family are healthy and doing well. Needless to say, 2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year. While there’s no replacing the in-person interaction that cultivates the warmth of our Argonne community, that very warmth has buoyed the spirits of many during these shelter-in-place days.
Around this time in an ordinary year, we would be in the final stretch of our Fall Giving Campaign. Over the past month, Argonne’s parent leadership has contemplated how to approach giving this year, if at all. Everything was on the table from having no campaign to running a campaign as usual. After thoughtful and productive discussions on the matter, we decided to initiate a modified campaign.
We understand and respect that families are being impacted by the pandemic in myriad ways. In light of that fact, our effort this year will revolve around participation as opposed to a set dollar goal. Please consider a donation amount that works for your family. If you need guidance on a gift amount, last year we encouraged families to make gift of $1,500. And please know that if you are unable to give in a financial capacity this year, or if your capacity is reduced, we understand.
The decision to proceed with a fundraising campaign was driven by three main factors:
  1. To continue supporting key initiatives that are mentioned below
  2. To continue the tradition of philanthropy that is central to Argonne
  3. To safeguard Argonne to the greatest extent possible against the expected budget cuts on the horizon.
 Our current PTO funds are being used to support distance learning in many ways, such as additional technology resources for teachers, supplemental online learning programs, and items to keep the spirits of our staff and students up. Fundraising that occurs now will ensure that our eventual return to campus provides as much support as possible to academics, enrichments, social-emotional curriculum, and community spirit. You can donate online or mail your checks* to Argonne @ 680 18th Ave. SF, CA 94121 where they will be collected on a weekly basis. Finally, don’t forget to check your company’s matching gift program to increase the size of your donation!
On behalf of the entire Argonne community, thank you! We are grateful to have such a supportive and caring community now more than ever.
With gratitude,
Adam Davis & Eric Dumbleton          
Annual Giving Campaign Co-Chairs    
*Please make checks payable to Argonne Council of Empowerment
Your contribution is tax-deductible; non-profit Tax ID #94-3344282