Argonne Community Survey 2021
Thu, Feb 18 9:27am


當我們展望2021年至2022年,我們知道這將是一個前所未有的一年。 我們的學生從事遠程學習已經一年多了,並且在疫情中生活。 即使我們對於學校來年的模樣,還有很多未知數,我們知道我們必須抓住這個機會,從策略和創新角度進行思考,以便...


每年春季,我們的學校社區都會開始下一學年的計劃過程。 我們評估Argonne的計劃和支持,並確定了學校的優先事項。 重要的一步是要求您-我們的父母和照顧者提供意見。




這項問卷調查項將需要大約5分鐘即可完成, 並將於2月25日截止。

如有任何疑問,請聯繫Argonne SSC聯合主席,Emille Lawrence ( and Jennifer Parker ( 或Catingub 校長  (

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Dear Argonne Families,

As we look to 2021-2022, we know it will be an unprecedented year. Our students have been in distance learning for over a year and living through a pandemic. Even with so many unknowns for what school we will look like, we know we must take this opportunity to think strategically and with innovation so that...

Our community can organize to support our returning students.
Our educators can target the needs and adapt the instruction to close the learning gaps.
Our families can come together to create events, opportunities, and funding to support our students. 

Each Spring, our school community begins the planning process for the next school year. We evaluate Argonne's programs and support and we set our school priorities. An important step is to ask for input from you - our parents and caregivers. 

When you are answering the survey, please be mindful to answer based on what you feel your child and ALL students at Argonne need. 

This survey is anonymous and out of respect for our community, please do not identify individual teachers, staff, and students when making comments. 

On March 6th, our School Site Council (SSC) will use this information to make plans for the coming school year.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete and will close on February 25. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Argonne SSC Co-Chairs, Emille Lawrence ( and Jennifer Parker ( or Principal Catingub (

Click HERE to go to the survey.

Thank You and In Community,
Argonne School Site Council