Argonne Family Letter from the Principal, 6/30/21 - (late sorry)
Wed, Jul 7 7:12am

Good Morning Argonne Community - 

Hope the first day of summer session went great and kids are excited for their second day of school! Forwarding the following "Argonne Family Letter from the Principal, 6/30/21" late as I didn't receive it last week and wonder if others maybe in the same shoes. 
Have a wonderful day. 
Margaret (5th grade parent)


Dear Argonne Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! 

I hope everyone has enjoyed their June summer break. Our teachers and staff have been busy preparing their rooms for your children, and we are excited to welcome our students back and begin Summer Session! 

The start of the year is always an exciting time, not only for our students but for everyone in our community! It feels so good to see familiar faces and greet new ones. After a year of distance learning and the ups and downs of a pandemic, opening this school year feels extra special. I can’t express enough how happy we all are to begin a new year at Argonne. 

In addition to Summer Session this July, there is a lot happening at Argonne! Our school yards are undergoing construction of the Green Schoolyard project, so expect some changes to Arrival and Dismissal. This Family Letter is full of information, so please take some time to read through all the details. 

In Community,

Ms. Catingub

Important Reminders:

  • Summer Session Schedule: Please note the dates and time of our Summer Session this year.
    • ALL students will follow the 8:30-1:30pm bell schedule. 
  • Distance Learning: As was done during reopening of April-June 2021, we will continue to offer Distance Learning to families. Distance Learning families can expect a similar format of concurrent virtual and in-person learning from classroom teachers or afternoon zoom sessions for distance learners only. Teachers may also be providing some asynchronous assignments on their Google Classrooms for distance learners. Due to a smaller staff size in summer, we do not have the capacity to provide for a separate distance learning-only teacher during our Summer Session. 
  • Class Assignments: We had previously planned to mail out new class assignments this week, but now new class assignments are available on ParentVUE. To view your child’s new class assignment, please log onto your ParentVUE account. If you are not able to view it on ParentVUE, please email for help. Teachers will also be reaching out to families to welcome in the new year and introduce themselves. See the table below for a full list of room numbers and classroom teachers: 
  • ParentVUE account: Please make sure you have your ParentVUE account activated. Having a ParentVUE account allows you access report cards, update contact information, and receive school and SFUSD communication. If you need help, check out these district resources for getting started on ParentVUE.
  • COVID Safety Measures: To ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families, we will continue the Covid safety protocols implemented in the Spring. SFUSD is currently working on guidance and a new MOU with our Labor partners for Fall of 2021. SFUSD summer programs, like the program we have at Argonne, will continue to follow the current MOU in the interim. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to keep everyone safe at Argonne.
    • Masks must be worn at all times, except for when eating or drinking
    • Health screening will take place at Arrival. See slide 34 in the slides linked below for the Health Screening questions. Please review these ahead of time with your child.
    • If you are a new family, please review these slides from the Mandatory Orientation Meetings held in the Spring. Slide 10 contains a recording of one of the orientations. If you are a new family and attending in person, you must view the recording. 
  • Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
    • Walk to School or Park Your Car and Walk:
      • One way to help our arrival and dismissal process is to walk and park. We ask parents and guardians to walk to school OR park your car and walk to the arrival or dismissal gates. This helps with the safety of students, parents, and staff.
      • Due to a smaller number of staff in the summer, we do not have the full capacity at this time to support car drop-off and pick-up. So again, please walk to school with your child or park and walk to school. 
      • Please do not double park or park in the white zone. 
    • Arrival:
      • K-3 students will enter at the Cabrillo Street gate. 
      • 4-5 students will enter at the 18th Ave entrance. 
      • All students will be asked health screening questions. Help prepare your child by reviewing the questions ahead of time. 
      • K-3rd grade students will go directly to their homebase spots marked on the yard. Students may not play on the play structure. 
      • 4th and 5th grade students will be met by their teachers at the 18th Ave entrance on the first day of school. They may walk directly to class after the health screening after the first day of school. 
      • As part of our required safety protocols, if your child has any of the symptoms indicated in the health screening at arrival or during the day, we will call home for your child to be picked up. 
    • Dismissal:
      • Siblings are to sit with the youngest sibling for dismissal. For example, if you have a 4th and 1st grader- your 4th grade child will need to walk to your 1st grader’s class and sit with their sibling and socially distance from other students. 
      • K-3 students will be dismissed from the main yard at the Cabrillo Gate.
      • 4-5 students (without younger siblings) will be dismissed at the 18th Ave entrance.
  • Kindergarten Orientation: We will host a brief orientation on the Kindergarten yard (18th Ave) on the first day of both sessions - July 6 and July 19, right after school begins at 8:30. Orientation will occur with parents and students together. 
  • New Staff: Argonne has some new faces among our staff wolfpack! To our teaching staff we welcome Ms. Tiffany in Kindergarten, Ms. Dodd in 1st grade, and Ms. Fealy in 3rd grade! And to our support staff, we are happy to welcome Pen, Passion, and Christina as new members of our paraeducator team!

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, July 6: Summer Session Begins (Session A begins for Kindergarten, 4th, and 5th grade students in Cohort A)
  • Tuesday, July 6 - Friday, July 16: Summer Session A for Cohort A 
  • Monday, July 19: Summer Session Begins (Session B begins for Kindergarten, 4th, and 5th grade students in Cohort B)
  • Monday, July 19 - Friday July 30: Summer Session B for Cohort B
  • Friday, July 30: Last Day of Summer Session
  • Monday, August 16: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (Regular Session)- School begins at 7:50!


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