Argonne Family Letter from the Principal, 7/15/20
Wed, Jul 15 11:35am

Dear Argonne Families, 

Happy Wellness Wednesday! I hope you are able to find time today to set aside your screen and your work to enjoy some mindful moments. As a school community, we hope everyone spends just a little extra time each week caring for their bodies and minds. 

Like many of you, I am patiently waiting to find out what school will look like in the fall. Last week the District held a series of Town Halls to gather information from SFUSD stakeholders and share some information. If you were not able to attend, the recordings are posted on the SFUSD website on the Fall Learning Town Halls webpage. 

Yesterday, proposed plans for fall reopening were presented at the SFUSD Board of Education meeting. Although the school board has not made a final decision, it looks like we will most likely be going back to school August 17th via Distance Learning. The District’s goal will be to phase in in-person learning as soon as possible. If you missed this meeting, a recording of the July 14 Board meeting will be available soon by going here. (Scroll to the bottom to 07-14-2020).

Final plans are expected to be announced at the next Board Meeting on July 28th. Information on how to participate can be found at the Board of Education Meeting webpage. 

I know there are strong emotions around what scenario would be best. Each family and staff member in SFUSD has different needs and finding a solution that works for everyone is near to impossible. I ask us all to take a step back and remember we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and our priority needs to be the safety of our students and staff. Although we know that continuing with Distance Learning does not even come close to learning in a school setting, our Argonne community is already going the extra mile in making connections and in making online learning innovative for our students. We truly have a gift this Summer Session to build relationships, get to know our families and students, and strengthen our technology skills. 

Please know, regardless of what plan is ultimately decided upon, Argonne will be here to support your family as best as we can. That means we will also need to support one another, be open and honest about our needs and limitations, about what we can do to support others, and most importantly have open hearts to authentically hear one another.     

I will continue to keep you updated as I find out more information. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

In Community, 

Ms. Catingub