Assigning Children to Classrooms on Konstella
Mon, Aug 9 5:42pm

Hello Argonne families!

The start of school is next week! That means its time to assign your child/children to their new classrooms/teachers.  All of the assignments from last year have been cleared and classrooms have been set up for the new 2021-2022 school year.  

To add your child, login to your Konstella account,  click on "Your Name" at the top left of the screen, click on "Your Children" then "Join Classroom" --- find your child's teacher from the list and click Save.  Repeat the steps if you have additional children.

Joining a classroom is super important to stay informed of upcoming events - sometimes specific to your class or grade or school wide.  

Also, if you know of any families who are new to the school or families who may not yet be signed up for Konstella, please encourage them to log in and request to join!  Or you can send their name and e-mail address to me (the Konstella Admin) at, and they will receive an invitation.

Thank you,
Margaret Poza
(5th grade parent)