CASP Virtual Summer Learning
Mon, Jul 6 8:03am

Dear Argonne Families, 


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Chinese After School Program (CASP) at Argonne, we would like to welcome all families in the Argonne community to join our free virtual summer learning opportunity for the very first time!


Without an in person after school program taking place this summer, the Argonne’s Chinese After School Program (CASP) has developed an alternative virtual learning for the summer. 


Even with such difficult times, we are staying focused to provide our students with the opportunity to learn Chinese as a second language and increase their understanding and appreciation of the Chinese Language, customs, and culture. 


At CASP, we believe in raising bilingual/multicultural children in a fun and educational environment.  All videos are recorded in English with just basic greetings and vocabulary words in Chinese. This is more like watching a commercial with your entire family at home anytime. ​No prior Chinese Language skills required​.


We are proud to present weekly introductory short educational videos on various topics based on the CASP Summer Session’s Weekly Themes.  These videos were created by our dedicated parent volunteers in hopes to share stories and arts of the Chinese culture. 



Week 1: Fans & Fan Dance - Ms. Linda

Week 2: Chopsticks & The Wok - Ms. Emille

(Video link coming soon )

Week 3: Ping Pong (Table Tennis) - Mr. Gerald

(Video link coming soon)

Week 4; Virtual Tour of Pandas - Ms. Linda, Ms. Emille and Mr. Gerald 

(Video link coming soon)


Our CASP staff and many parents have put in numerous volunteer hours to make CASP such an integral part of our Argonne experience.


Once again we welcome everyone to join the virtual summer at CASP!  


For more information on CASP, please visit:  If you would like to support and donate to CASP in order to help in further development of our Fall Planning, you can do so below!



Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate during these unprecedented times!



CASP Board

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Address / 680 18th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124