Mon, Sep 6 1:27pm


Field Day Supplies


Hello Argonne Community, 


Want to help with Field Day but can’t be there? Here’s another way to support the event: Please check the list below and see if you might be able to donate or lend items for some of our less traditional Field Day activities.


Hopper balls or other inflatable bouncy sit-on toy


Nerf archery sets 


Nail polish


Hair spray and hair crayons 


Hand Mirrors 


Bulk quantities of unused white cotton kids’ or adjustable face masks


Beads beads beads and more beads or other bracelet making materials (thread, scissors, kits)


Poster paint


Large quantities colored tissue paper


Bubble solution


Large shallow pans to hold bubble solution (i.e. giant sheet cake pan) 


Bubble wands of all shapes and LARGER sizes (we don’t want kids to blow through these but shake, sweep and twirl the wands to dislodge the bubbles)


Polaroid cameras 


Bulk Polaroid film


Dress up items and props, i.e. capes, plastic swords, old wooden tennis racquets - anything that inspires dramatic play/makes a great “photo”, but that is sturdy and washable (no masks, fabric hats or wigs)


Cardboard (for signs); printed used boxes bound for recycling are perfect


If you’d like to donate or lend the above, THANK YOU, and please send an email to Carrie at ASAP 


Thank you!!