From Principal Catingub: Notice about Adjusted Schedules (03/04/21
Thu, Mar 4 1:34pm

Dear Argonne Families, 

I’m writing to share with you an update on our reopening process at Argonne. 

We had our site walkthrough with Facilities on Tuesday, March 2. The purpose of this meeting was to review our building and classrooms. 

In order to prepare our classrooms, student schedules may be adjusted because teachers will be using their work day to prepare their classrooms. The days you can expect an adjusted schedule are: March 5, March 8 - March 11Teachers will communicate with you if there are any changes to the schedules. Please be on the lookout for any communication on this from your child’s teacher. 

I want to thank all of you in advance for your understanding, patience, and compassion for our teachers and staff. In the midst of preparing feedback and report cards for Parent Teacher Conferences and bringing engaging lessons for our students every day- our teachers now have the additional task to prepare their classrooms for reopening. We are all excited to see things move forward and we have quite a hill to climb over the next few weeks. So again, thank you for all your support and understanding!

Finally, it was wonderful to see some of our families last night at the Reopening Town Hall. Here are the slides from that meeting. At this time, there is no identified date for reopening, but as we move forward in this process, I will continue to share information in my Family Letters.

Please visit the District dashboard to learn more about the reopening progress and here are the most recent Board of Education slides from this week. ​​​​​​​

In Community, 

Ms. Catingub