From SFUSD: Summer Together Initiative
Tue, Apr 20 3:26pm

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is partnering with the City and County of San Francisco on the Summer Together Initiative.

The program will offer free in-person and virtual summer camps and programs for thousands of San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) youth. There will be an early registration period between April 19 and May 7 for some student populations and an open enrollment period for all beginning May 8. All SFUSD students receive priority over non-SFUSD students for the range of programs offered. In addition, there are programs that only certain students are eligible to participate in and each of these programs will be reaching out to eligible participants directly. 

Who can access the early registration period from April 19 to May 7

The Summer Together Initiative will directly reach out to families that are known to be part of one or more of these populations:

  • Residents of public housing, RVs and SROs
  • Families that are experiencing homelessness
  • Children and youth in the foster care system
  • English language learners
  • Low-income families, with a focus on historically impacted communities, including people who identify as African American, Latino/a/x, Native American, Pacific Islander, and/or Asian.
  • SF Recreation & Parks Department families receiving scholarships
  • Children with disabilities

How to apply

Early Registration for Eligible Students 

Starting April 19, families who are eligible will receive targeted outreach and communications through existing programs and provided the opportunity to enroll in these programs: 

  • Community Hub Initiative 
  • ExCEL After School Program and Beacon Community Schools 
  • SFUSD’s Extended School Year (ESY) program
  • SFUSD’s COVID Recovery Services 
  • SFUSD’s Early Education Pre-K and TK-5 Out of School Time (OST)
  • SFUSD’s High School Credit Recovery Program 
  • SF Recreation & Parks Department Families receiving Scholarships
  • DCYF’s Community-Based Summer Programs 

General Enrollment

A general enrollment period begins on May 8, where all SFUSD families will be able to apply for various programs. Enrollment will occur on a first come, first serve basis. Applications from SFUSD students will be prioritized over non-SFUSD students, and SFUSD families will be asked to provide their students’ SFUSD Student ID number for verification. 

SF Recreation and Parks Department (SFRPD) Programs 

SF Recreation and Park Department has a two-step process for SFUSD families to receive priority. SFUSD families may register their interest in Recreation and Park Department programs between April 19 - 30. When registering your interest, you will be asked to share your student’s SFUSD ID number. Following this verification process, priority registration for eligible families will open at 10 am on May 3. Registration for all other SFUSD families will begin at 10 am on May 8. Open (Standard) registration will begin at 12 pm on May 8. 

Key Dates and Times:

  • April 19-May 7: Early Registration for Eligible SFUSD Families 
  • April 19- April 30: SF Recreation and Parks Programs SFUSD Verification and Interest Period
  • May 3, 10 a.m.: Priority Registration for SF Recreation and Parks Programs for Eligible SFUSD Families Begins
  • May 8: General Enrollment for SFUSD Families for Summer Together Programs Begins*
    *SF Recreation and Parks Programs
    • May 8, 10 a.m.: Registration for General SFUSD Families Begins
    • May 8, 12 p.m. (noon): Standard Registration for SF Families Begins

To support families in creating an enriching summer for their children, students may sign up for more than one opportunity. However, please refrain from signing up for any program your child is unable to commit to. Once a student’s enrollment in a summer program is confirmed, please be sure to participate in the program as your child will be holding a space. 

The Summer Together Initiative continues to grow its capacity to provide over twenty thousand opportunities for SFUSD students. However there is no guarantee that every family will be able to access their preferred program. 

For more information, visit DCYF's Summer Together website.

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