Information Sharing For Parents
Mon, Feb 22 10:12am

Dear Argonne Community,

Many of us have been following the updates from SFUSD about school reopening conversations. We appreciate Principal Catingub's weekly family letters which keep us up to date on district news. 

As parents, you may be curious to know what other parents throughout the city are discussing regarding school reopening and how the city is responding to the parent voice. If so, and you are a Facebook user, you may consider joining a FB group called Decreasing the Distance. It's a group that organizes on behalf of parents, posts news links, and allows for multiple points of view to be shared. We wanted to share the name with our community as a helpful resource.

As the pandemic goes on, we know parenting remains challenging. We invite you to join the new Konstella Social Group called "Pandemic Parenting Support". It was created so that Argonne parents can share tips, articles, and resources to help ourselves and our children. You simply need to browse the list of Social Groups, find the group name, and join. It is an open forum and any member of the group can post. We hope you will find it helpful and just ask that members respect each other's point of view and keep comments supportive.

We continue to appreciate our school and the many people who make it a special place for our families. Our hope is that we are all back together soon!

Denise and Paul

Argonne PTO Co-Chairs