Off-site Afterschool program info
Sat, Jul 31 9:49pm

Hi Argonne Families,

Hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well.    

We understand that some families have not been able to arrange afterschool care for their children for the Fall.  Info on two OFF-SITE afterschool programs have be sent our way.  The link to info on the Botanical Gardens program is SF Botanical Gardens AfterSchool.  One of the attachments to this message is a flyer for the program at Booker T Washington.  The off-site programs are NOT affliated with the PTO or Argonne.  They have NOT been reviewed or screen by the PTO.  We expect that you will need to arrange for transportation for your child to the program sites.  We will continue to post info from other programs, if any, as the info come our way.  Best of luck. 


We understand that the 3 afterschool programs at Argonne (YMCA, RNC, CASP)  are currently at capacity and accepting registration for their waitlists.  The programs will add more students if they are able to secure additional staff and physical space on site.   Flyers for YMCA and RNC are attached to this message.  You can learn about CASP at Chinese AfterSchool Program and register for the CASP waitlist by contacting  


Hope you all are enjoying a nice summer!