Online Chess Class at Pacific Chess Academy
Wed, Jul 22 8:32am

Dear Parents,

The COVID-19 pandemic has put all of us in positions we’ve never been in before.  Social distancing.  Sheltering in place.  It’s disrupted all of our routines and put society on pause.

It has been hard on our children, and – speaking from personal perspective-our grandchildren.

We are looking forward to the day when we can resume our regular calendar of activities and events. In the meantime, we have been working very hard to create an online platform through which we can continue to deliver chess lessons with at least some sense of normalcy and continuity.

 We hope that you will find our All-in-One Chess system easy to use and navigate.  The idea behind is to give your children even greater learning opportunities, with expanded ability to play online chess games with their classmates during our lessons, or connect and play chess with other students or friends during their free time.

In addition, this platform will allow our students to also participate in tournaments, practice chess puzzles at home, receive daily assignments from instructors, and, of course, get points!

There is NO ZOOM CONNECTION REQUIRED ANY LONGER, as we will be doing everything from our website.  All that you will need is a good internet connection and a reliable device

To begin using our new platform, please visit

and enter the site with the username and password.  New participants can request the username through ENROLL NOW window.

Our updated website now includes the following features:

SESSION: High quality chess lessons. Students are able to make moves on the big chess board in the middle of the screen, play against each other, or against the instructor.

ASSIGNMENT: Chess workouts for practicing at home.

PRACTICE: Practicing playing various  positions (mostly endgame) in order to acquire the ability to immediately recognize a pattern.

GAME AREA: Playing chess against friends and classmates. For your child’s protection, this environment  grants access ONLY to members of the team.  Game History will give parents the opportunity to revise games played by their kids.

TOURNAMENTS: Great opportunity for kids to test their skills playing against various opponents- ALL members of our program. Pairings are generated by computer, and are based on student’s levels and ratings.

Parents can watch live games, and revise them at any time. FINAL STANDING link will display detailed info on each played round, and assigns places and  ratings to all of our young participants.

I hope that you will find these changes to be positive and enjoyable for your child and family.

Your feedback regarding the site and any of these new features would be greatly appreciated as we work on improving user experience for all of our students.

The site will also provide you with the schedule of our classes  as well as other details.

In addition, we offer private tutoring, small groups’ lessons, theme lessons for all levels.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about the program.


With gratitude,

Jeff Pernik

Pacific Chess Academy, LLC Manager