Petition SFUSD for Outside Education
Mon, Jul 6 11:43am
A group of six parents from Jefferson Elementary in San Francisco has created a petition on to gather support for outdoor education as part of SFUSD's school year.  Argonne is not an official sponsor of the petition; rather, we wanted to give parents the opportunity to learn about the petition and have the option to support it.
"Outdoor education has been shown to improve academic and health outcomes, decrease stress, and deepen positive connections between children. SFUSD can provide in-person instruction and achieve social distancing by using outdoor spaces.

This is a parent-led volunteer effort to encourage SFUSD to increase outdoor education this fall. Sign to show your support!
We will be presenting the petition tally at the SFUSD Town Halls, July 6th - 9th. Go to for details.

To learn more about the benefits of outdoor education, click here: