Returning Tuesday 10/12: STOP, DROP & GO!
Sun, Oct 10 8:21pm

UPDATE: The current Stop, Drop & Go classroom rotation is attached as an Excel file. The first rotation is also written out below, for your convenience. 


We are still in need of signups for our first two weeks (starting Tuesday the 12th)! Stop, Drop & Go is a no-go without parents signing up to open car doors. No matter which classroom you're in, please pitch in this month at Wolfpack Praises go out to the 5th-grader parents in Ms. McCoy's class who have already filled out their week: Al Poon, Margaret Poza, Abby & Jeremy Post, Deirdre Campbell, Megan Han, Annie Ng, Alinne Locheur and Sarah Fishman. We need you guys to start us off on Tuesday ;)


A reminder, especially for our new Argonne families: The white zone on 17th Avenue is now designated for SDG every morning and therefore needs to remain clear. Starting Tuesday, 10/12, please do not park there on school days 7:15-8am. To utilize the SDG service, starting 7:30am, please pull forward in the SDG lane and have your child seated on the passenger side, ready to exit the car. Please do not get out of the car. We will take care of making sure your child gets out of the car and onto the schoolyard. 
10/12-15 Partika (302)
10/18-22 Ostrand (208)
10/25-29 McCoy (206)
11/1-5 Flathers (303)
11/8-12 Towsley (301)
11/15-19 Terry (208)
11/29-12/3 Strohm (207)
12/6-10 Cox (205)
12/13-17 Fealy (204)
1/3-7 Flynn (203)
1/10-14 Bondy (202)
1/18-21 Peterson (201)
1/24-28 Rha (106)
2/2-4 Dodd (105)
2/7-11 Beverly (104)
2/14-18 Tiffany (107)
2/22-25 Sharon (103)
2/28-3/4 Marcia (102)




Hello fellow Argonne families,


Thank you all for participating in Bike, Walk & Roll Day! My sons Jaxon (3rd) and Xander (2nd) enjoyed scootering to and from school today -- we'll probably be doing that again soon!


As fun as Bike, Walk & Roll Day was, parents are starting to report to their day jobs outside the home more and more, which means inevitably we will have more and more morning commutes by car. Enter "Stop, Drop & Go," Argonne's is program for controlling traffic at dropoff.


Please go to and sign up today for a spot along 17th Avenue during your assigned week(s). You are welcome to sign up for more days as well. Each family in the assigned classrooms is asked to participate in SDG at least one day this school year. We are reviving SDG starting Tuesday, October 12 (as the day before is a school holiday). In assigning each week to each classroom, we are starting with the 5th-grade classrooms. Families in Ms. Partika's classroom (302) start us off. On the signup page, there is a link to a Google Sheet with the 2021-22 SDG rotation.


Thank you all for contributing to a safer dropoff for all Argonne families! Please e-mail me at with any questions, and I will do my best to get them answered.



Lamar Heystek

Argonne PTO Recording Secretary

Father of Jaxon (3rd) & Xander (2nd)