Summer Session Virtual Opening Plan
Tue, Jun 30 10:40am

Dear Argonne Families,               

Welcome back to a new school year at Argonne!! It is hard to believe that it’s almost that time again, but our first day of school is July 6th! I know your children are excited to meet their teachers and begin the year. Please check the address label of this mailed letter to identify your child’s room number. Classrooms and teachers for 2020-2021 are listed below.

I want to take a moment and acknowledge the unique circumstances we are in as we begin this school year. I recognize there are a lot of questions and a lot of unknowns. SFUSD is currently working on plans for the fall and as soon as we know more, I will share information with you. Summer programs are happening in SFUSD through distance learning; these programs are an extension of the 2019-2020 school year. We are in a unique spot in that we are opening 2020-2021 with our Summer Session through distance learning, and we are the only school in SFUSD to do so. 

Over the last three weeks, I have worked with teachers, parents, SFUSD supervisors and student services to develop framing and structures for our Summer Session. I have also collaborated with principals from all over the country to identify how we can best support our students as we look to begin a new year virtually. 

Two common themes that surfaced from these conversations are community and social-emotional learning. In SFUSD and at Argonne, we have always centered our work on supporting the social-emotional needs of our students in order to build a community in which they feel safe to learn, ask questions, and grow. This summer, we will prioritize community and social-emotional learning so that we may build that foundation for our Argonne community and best serve our students in these challenging times.

With this very different start of the school year, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. This virtual opening plan will not answer all your questions, but it will get us all started in the same direction. 

More than anything, I want you to know that we are holding your children close, even if we can’t be physically together in our school. We are excited to welcome new faces and celebrate a new year at Argonne with you!

Summer Session Virtual Opening Plan Parent Communication- CHINESE 

In Community,

Ms. Catingub


Classroom Teachers by Room Number

Room 101: 

Ms. Sharon, K

Room 102: 

Ms. Marcia, K

Room 103: 

Ms. Pernik, K

Room 104: 

Ms. Beverly, 1st

Room 105: 

Ms. Inouye, 1st

Room 106: 

Ms. Rha, 1st

Room 107: 

Ms. Thayer, 2nd

Room 201: 

Ms. Peterson, 2nd

Room 202: 

Ms. Bondy, 2nd

Room 203: 

Ms. Flynn, 2nd

Room 108: 

Ms. Candy, K-2 SDC

Room 205: 

Ms. Cox, 3rd

Room 207: 

Mr. Strohm, 3rd

Room 209: 

Ms. Terry, 3rd

Room 206: 

Ms. McCoy, 4th

Room 208: 

Mr. Ostrand, 4th

Room 302: 

Ms. Partika, 4th

Room 301: 

Ms. Towsley, 5th

Room 303: 

Ms. Flathers, 5th 

Room 304: 

Ms. Dearborn, 3-5 SDC


Argonne Elementary Summer Session Virtual Opening Plan

Week of June 29, 2020

What to Know:

What to Do:

  • Families receive class placement in the mail

  • Families must log into Family Portal (ParentVue) to get their child’s SFUSD email address and password

  • 1st- 5th grade teachers will invite students to their Google Classroom on July 1

  • If your child is in 3rd - 5th grade and you need a Chromebook, please complete this form.

  • Create and establish your child’s learning space in your home

  • Practice logging into your child’s SFUSD email account

  • Accept the Google Classroom invitation from your child’s teacher

  • Check Google Classroom for your teacher announcements and weekly schedule

Monday, July 6, 2020

The First Day of School for Kinder Session 1 and all 1st-5th Grade Students

What to Know:

What to Do:

  • Principal Catingub will share Welcome to School video via email and on Google Classrooms

  • Materials distribution from 9:00 - 1:50pm will occur for 4th and 5th grades only. (see schedule below and map for where to go to pick up items).

    • This is the only scheduled materials distribution day. If you are unable to pick-up materials, please contact your classroom teacher.

  • Incoming Kindergarten Families: 

Session 1 Parent/Caregiver Welcome to Kindergarten Virtual Orientation with Principal Catingub; Kindergarten Teachers: Ms. Marcia, Ms. Pernik, and Ms. Sharon; School Social Worker, Ms. Wang; SSC Members Emille Lawrence and Paul Chan and PTO Co-Chair Denise Goldstein

    • 10:00 - 11:00am

    • Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 875 4679 5402

Password: 8H7hDq

  • Check Google Classroom for announcements
  • Follow your teacher’s directions for attending any virtual meetings 

  • Incoming Kindergarten Families: 

Please attend the orientation if you are in Session 1. (Session 2 orientation will be on July 20). 

  • First Kindergarten virtual meeting will be Tuesday, July 7. Check your teacher’s Google Classroom for more information

Future Days

While we don’t know what the rest of the year will look like, we do have a system in place for whatever may come. Regardless, all students will receive the bulk of their communication and direction through their classroom teacher in their Google Classroom. 

Please ensure you are signed up for Family Portal (ParentVue) to receive communication from SFUSD and Ms. Catingub.

First Day of School Material Distribution Schedule for 4th and 5th ONLY


Grade Level


9:00 - 1:50pm

4th Grade: 

Ms. McCoy (Room 206), Ms. Ostrand (Room 208), Ms. Partika (Room 302)

Station A: 18th Ave front steps

5th Grade: 

Ms. Flathers (Room 303), Ms. Towsley (Room 301)

Station B: 17th Avenue Blue Gate