Yearbook information for 2020-2021
Thu, Oct 1 11:13am

Dear Parents,


I've heard from some of you that TreeRing is sending out pre-order reminders.  I apologize for not sending out information sooner - I did not know the site would do that and have no control over it. It's true that there is a pre-order discount, but due to the uncertainty this year we do not yet know whether we will have a yearbook, or how much it will cost (it is page-count dependent). My recommendation right now is that parents do not pre-order yearbooks. As a parent of a 5th grader I would be bummed if we could not have a yearbook this year but if we do not return to in person instruction and have school portraits taken then it might be hard to put together a yearbook. If we do it will most certainly have fewer pages but it is impossible to determine how many right now. 


That said, you can help make it more likely for the yearbook happen by taking screengrabs of zoom sessions, breakout rooms, photos of your kids doing distance learning & of their projects and artwork. Please feel free to upload these to treering folder: 

or e-mail them to me. 


If you have already made a pre-order, you have two options - Treering is very good about order cancellation right up to the date that yearbooks are shipped. So you can go online and just cancel your order, and order when (and if) we decide we will have a yearbook and the cost. The second option is to just wait. Unfortunately Treering does not do partial refunds - since the price will likely go down due to reduced page count the difference will be donated to the PTO. 


Lastly, if you have suggestions or ideas about unique content for this year in place of field trip and school event photos, please send them my way!


thanks for your patience and stay safe,

Lana (