candidacy for PTO Communications Chair, Konstella Administrator, and website Administrator
Tue, Aug 17 10:51pm

Hi Argonne community,


Our PTO and the work that we do contribute significantly to the success of our school and our children.  All of PTO's great work is only possible with the help of people like you who make room in your busy schedules to volunteer for our community. 


Our PTO invites you to nominate yourself as a candidate for PTO Communications Chair, Konstella Administrator, and website Administrator.  Please reach out to us if either of the Administrator roles interest you.  If you would like to be a candidate for Communications Chair, please send us a write up about yourself by 9pm on Saturday, August 21.  We will include  your write up and candidacy in the upcoming election ballot for the online election for Communications Chair.  The election will run from Sunday night to 9pm on Tuesday, August 24.  Currently, Thao Bui, is our acting- Communications Chair.  Thao will be a candidate on the ballot.  


The PTO Communications Chair is responsible for the effective delivery of PTO communications in multiple formats to our community.  Goals include reaching as many of our community as possible and being thoughtful about how communications are received by recipients of PTO communications.   The Chair will work with all members of the PTO leadership team as needed to craft messages. The Chair will be the lead for Konstella Administrator, website Administrator, and Newsletter Administrator.  


The Konstella Administrator is responsible for all things Konstella.  Our outgoing Administrator can help with training for the role.  Konstella duties include onboarding parents as they join Konstella, moderating forums, if any, and help with distributing messages to everyone in our Argonne Konstella community.


The website Administrator is responsible for updating and maintaining our website.  This year, we are looking to overhaul and build a new website using a more modern architecture.  Having knowledge and experience with building web pages/websites would be helpful for this role.  The Administrator will work with our Communications Chair to update and manage the content on our website.