School Closure Update from the MCC
Thu, Feb 23 7:30pm

Dear Parents,


While the focus right now is on the announced closure of Audubon Elementary, we want you to know that the Methacton Coordinating Council is also working on how to keep our school communities strong as we move forward. As we approach the 2017 school year, all of our elementary schools will begin forming new communities when our school boundary lines are redrawn.  The MCC is working with the Methacton administration to create opportunities for families to meet, connect, and strengthen old friendships while building new ones. We will be working with all of the Elementary Home & School Associations to plan activities and events that include children, parents, and parent volunteers alike. Please stayed tuned for more information about these events. We look forward to working with all of you to make this the best possible experience for our children.



The Methacton Coordinating Council