Walk-a-thon - Your help needed
Wed, Oct 19 8:14am

Good morning Audubon,


Don't forget walk-a-thon donations are due by 10/28.


The Walk-a-thon is Audubon's biggest fundraiser each year and is the reason the Home & School association can deliver all of the exciting fun events that your children look forward to  such as the fun fair and the winter solstice. We can't do this without support of our families.

$40 from each student will allow us to meet our $12,000 goal for this year. If we are unable to reach our goal, this will put some of the other events planned for the year in jeopardy.


Here is where we stand as of Monday 10/17

Teacher Grade Total
Craig 2 295.00
Balaguer 3 283.42
Hogstrom 4 280.00
Andrews 2 279.00
Clark 2 240.00
Joers 1 226.00
Tyson 1 225.00
Barndt 3 220.00
Flaherty 2 215.00
Stern 1 211.00
Morgan (pm) K 151.00
Morgan (am) K 150.00
Richter K 145.00
Miller 1 141.68
McGonigle 3 129.00
Gray 3 125.00
Johnson 4 125.00
MacCorkle 4 125.00
Wagner 4 101.00
Sawyer 2


There will be classroom prizes as well as individual prizes for the highest donations. As of now Mrs. Craig's class is in the lead with $295 with Mrs. Balaguer right on their heels with $283.42.


We have raised 31% of our goal but still have a long way to go.  Keep bringing those donations in, every penny counts and will help us get to our goal. Keep collecting donations and send them in by 10/28.


Thank you for your time and generosity



Walk-a-thon committee and Audubon Home & School Association