Popcorn Friday Delivery
Baldwin Elementary
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Popcorn Friday Delivery - collect the classroom popcorn orders from the main office, fill the classroom popcorn bags, deliver to the classroom and count the payments.  We do most of this from the Baldwin Cafeteria and it is a pretty easy job.  The more volunteers we have the less time it takes - we can finish as early as 10:15 when we have 5 volunteers! Thank you for considering helping us with this major Baldwin fundraiser! We are happy to be able to offer a healthy snack to our students and make money to support their classroom needs - this year we are working on improving family engagement and providing funding for a larger playground area.  

Fri, Jun 1 9:15am

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Fri, Jun 1 9:15am-11:00am
Popcorn Delivery volunteers with help collect and total the classroom orders, fill the classroom bags with the pre-popped popcorn and deliver to the classrooms.
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