Safety update from MCPS
Mon, Oct 22 5:19am
Baldwin Elementary

This is Manassas City Public Schools with an important safety update for MCPS parents:

Please note that due to the late hour, we are sending this update by email and social media. A call will be made Monday morning as well.

MCPS has been advised by the Manassas City Police Department that the student who made the threat on Instagram is in custody. There is no credible threat to any school. All students and staff are safe to report to school Monday. As a precaution, there will be additional police presence at the Osbourn and Baldwin campuses. Additionally, school counselors are always available for students who need assistance.

MCPS would like to thank the many students and parents who shared the information and the Manassas City Police Department for its quick action in bringing this incident to closure.

Manassas City Public Schools