[Fall Fest] Donate a Cake & Cake Decorating Contest
Bancroft Elementary
Returning to Fall Fest this year is the fabulous CAKE WALK!  This is a wildly popular event similar to Musical Chairs where students can win a cake to take home.  The money from ticket purchases goes toward 5th grade fundraising.  
In order to make this event a success, we need cake donations. We are looking for three cakes per classroom.  Cakes can be store-bought, or homemade (should not require refrigeration).  Cakes will need to be delivered to the Multi-Use room between 2-4pm on the day of Fall Fest (Saturday, October 21)
Cake Decorating Contest
For those with a creative flair...Homemade cakes have the option to be entered into an exciting cake-decorating contest at 4pm the day of Fall Fest!  We have two professional bakers that will judge cakes in the following categories: Student-Decorated and Family-Decorated.  The judges are Vida from European Delights Bakery in Walnut Creek and Katherine Vitery, owner of Salty Sugar Dessert Shop in Panama.  The winner of each category will receive a prize basket! 


Please sign up using the link below. If you have any questions, please reach out to Cyndi Joly, Adi Kondonijakos or Ria Bhatt





Cake Donation Signed Up: 32 / 35

***Please note the following for the cakes: Cakes must not require refrigeration.   -Please bring on a platter that you do not need returned to you. -To the extent possible, please indicate noteworthy ingredients (eg. "contains nuts", "gluten free", etc) -Include name, grade, class on your cake decorating contest cake
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