2024 Multicultural Festival This Friday! - Final Details & Reminders
Mon, Jan 22 8:29am
Hi all, the 2024 Bancroft Multicultural Festival is right around the corner, happening this Friday, January 26 from 4:30-7:30pm, and we have a lot planned and in store for all of you! A few reminders and asks for the day:
If you have not responded, please send in your RSVP here!
Volunteers Needed
We need just a few more volunteers to help breakdown/clean up the event. Please email me, Isabel Nguyen, directly at isabelnguyen@gmail.com if you can help. 
New Ask: Wear Your Cultural Attire!
If you have any traditional or cultural attire that represents your family's ethnic background, culture, history, or country, wear this on the day of the multicultural festival! We would love to see what cultural fashions are represented amongst our Bancroft community!
Flavors of the World
If you are bringing food for this, we appreciate any amount you plan to bring to showcase your family's culture. Here's what we ask:
  • Estimated Headcount: Approximately 300 guests. 
  • Amount to bring: 40-100 to sample, whatever you're comfortable with. There is no pressure to bring 100 samples. You especially do not need to bring enough for 300 people, as there will be young children, people with dietary restrictions/preferences, etc. 
  • Disposable servingware and utensils: Bring items in disposable servingware, because in some cases, glassware/porcelain dishes can get lost or broken. Also we ask that if your food item requires utensils, you would need to provide that, as we won't have any bowls or plasticware to provide -- only napkins. 
  • When to Arrive: Bring your food to the MUR prior to 4:30pm (unless you plan to arrive late) where you will place your dish onto the Flavors of the World table and write a label with the name of your dish, the country it represents, and any allergens. The table will be cleaned up by 6:05 for performances. 
  • For any questions regarding this, email paula.vergaras@gmail.com.
You can see the performance schedule and timing of events in the schedule of activities here
Art Show & Contest Reminder
The deadline for art contest submissions is this Wednesday, January 24!. Submit these to the drop box located in the school's front office. Rules and other info can be found here and below. Prizes will be awarded, and judging will be done by the planning committee.


We look forward to seeing you at the multicultural festival! A huge thank you in advance to all of the many volunteers, including those who cooked, hosted booths, and performed! 
Planning Committee
Isabel Nguyen, Maria Jose Castilla, Acacia Clark, Monica Leon, Paula Vergara