Another Walkathon in the Books!
Sun, Oct 27 9:17am

 Thank you all for participating and supporting your students in this years 10th Annual Walkathon!

The wind cooperated to keep the smoke away and the students had a great time walking the laps, collecting the bracelets, and have-fiving and dancing with Mr. Bobcat! 


There were a lot of missing envelopes this week. If you turned one in, your student's laps were recorded in the top right and it was sent home again to collect remaining pledges. We have also posted the lap counts in each classroom's Konstella page so if you did not turn in your envelope, please see the total there and use that to collect remaining donations and bring back your envelope. 

Online donations through 99 pledges will be processed automatically, but the site will remain open a little longer to collect additional pledges. Even if your donations are all online, please return your empty envelope and write "all online" on the front.


The WINNERS for class and individual prizes will be announced after the November 4th deadline to return envelopes/donations. Look for an update in the November Tracks to include how we did compared to our $27,000 goal!!





Questions? Want to help with this event next year?

Contact Melissa Sanders at or via Konstella