Auction Totals
Tue, Mar 31 10:17am

Dear Bancroft Family,


I hope this message finds you well and that you are staying healthy and safe. 


I wanted to thank you all for your support in our auction efforts.  Planning the auction is a year long process and our team worked incredibly hard to gather some amazing items for bidding.  Due to unforeseen circumstances we were forced to quickly change gears and turn everything over to an online forum.  This was a team effort and with the support of our wonderful Bancroft community we were able to not only meet our goal but exceed it by raising over $45K . This income will help us fully fund our operating budget for this year!


We have some amazing "buy in parties" which we will make available for purchase once we have confirmed dates of these events.  


If you need to pick up your auction items, please contact Jennifer Chlebicki at


I want to take a moment to thank our auction team. It has been an honor to lead this amazing crew:

Jennifer Chlebicki, Kathy Biddick, Jennifer Juarez, Sally Graver, Liana Delucca-Johnson, Kristina Bates, Angie Meza, Juliana Pinzon, Jane Hazin, Nicole Jenkins, Maggie Whitehead, Jeff Paul and Katherine Beckner.  I feel fortunate to have led this group and will look back fondly of the years I spent with this amazing group of volunteers, who are all now friends.


Looking forward to next year, we would love to have new team members join.  It is a wonderful way to help the Bancroft community and we truly do work together as a team. It is also a great way for us working parents to volunteer as much of the work is done in the evenings. You can see descriptions from Konstella here.   Please contact me if you want to be part of this team next year.  


Thank you again Bobcats, be well.


Suzanne Yahiro Leibowitz, Auction Lead