Bobcat Blast - PFC Meeting TONIGHT & Seeking PFC Recording Secretary!
Tue, Oct 18 1:30pm

Hello Bobcats & Happy Tuesday! It's PFC meeting night! Zoom details, agenda, etc. are here. Please remember that this meeting is only on zoom (no in person meeting tonight).


One importantly point of business for this evening will be appointing a new Recording Secretary. Please consider if you might be a good fit for this board position. The position is critical to the functioning of the club to maintain accurate record of meetings and motions/voting. As you can see below, the monthly time commitment is very manageable.


Here is the description:

Time Commitment: 3 hours per month, including PFC meetings

Busiest times of year:  Ongoing

The Secretary shall keep accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting and provide draft copies for review at subsequent PFC meetings for vote of approval.  Upon request of the VP Communications or President, the Secretary shall: notify officers of their election and chairpersons of their appointments; send out notices of all correspondence of the association meetings; and, assume the correspondence of the association when so ordered by the President.


See you tonight!