Bobcat Reading Challenge - March 2021
Mon, Mar 1 - Wed, Mar 31
Your house!

 Read!, Record!, Repeat! ......

March is National Reading Month. This makes it the perfect opportunity to increase reading in your home. Reading is lots of fun and takes you off into the world of your imagination. Reading gives you ideas, introduces you to new places, new people, new words, and more! At Bancroft, we will kick off our Bobcat Reading Challenge on Monday March 1 and read for the entire month of March! We are asking each student to read or be read to for fun for 20 minutes each day to help us reach a SCHOOLWIDE GOAL of 300,000 MINUTES!!

  • Mrs. Gomes and our parent volunteers are making goody bags to help you track your student's reading as well as setting up some awesome school-wide prizes for meeting our collective goal! Stay tuned for info on pick-up.
  • Printable calendar attached (will be included in March goody bag). Hang the attached calendar reminder near your books and color in your paw each day after
  • Submit your minutes in the Google Form at . (You have to be signed in to an MDUSD account to access it. The form will open on March 1.)
  • We will post weekly schoolwide progress toward our 300,000 minutes goal!!