Driving Safety - Please Use Arkell
Thu, Aug 31 5:10pm
Bancroft Elementary

Parents, students and staff must all work together to ensure the safety of everyone at Bancroft Elementary. There have been a number of illegal and unsafe U-turns on Claiborne and Parish this week during morning drop-off and other dangerous maneuvers. All drivers should use Arkell to safely enter and exit the neighborhood, follow the crossing guard's directions, and allow pedestrians to cross the street. Please read the Campus Safety information below for safe drop off/pick up procedures and refer to the Campus Safety page on the PFC website. Share this important information with anyone who drives your child(ren) to and from school.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up: To help facilitate a smooth and safe drop off and pick up of students in a timely manner, please enter the neighborhood via Arkell and then turn on to Parish Drive. Continue all the way through the passenger loading/unloading drive-thru area near Dianne Adair.

NO U-TURNS on ANY STREET or in bus circle.


Student Drop Off and Pick Up via Drive-Thru Lane

To help facilitate a smooth and safe drop off and pick up of students in a timely manner, please:

  • Drive carefully and slowly. If you are feeling rushed, plan to leave a little earlier the next time so that you are able to slow down as you approach our school's neighborhood. Minimize distractions while driving, including cell phone use and texting.
  • Stop at the stop signs and crosswalks. Remember pedestrians have the right of way - especially when they are our children.
  • Remember the Bus Circle is for Busses Only. Do not drop off or park in this area.
  • Do not park in the staff parking lot.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the street to drop off or pick up children. Bicycles and cars attempt to pass and this can cause accidents. Do not drop off in the handicap parking spaces unless authorized.
  • Use the drop-off lane in the parking lot near Dianne Adair for students in grades 1-5. Please pull forward to keep the flow of traffic going smoothly. Children should be ready to exit the car when you pull up. (Backpack ready and goodbyes said, then exit for a great day.) Do not leave your vehicle unattended in this lane.
  • Have your child exit the car only from passenger side of the vehicle when using the drop off lane. Those who have already dropped off their children will be utilizing the adjacent drive-thru lane.
  • Exit the neighborhood using Arkell, please do not left turn on Claiborne.

Kindergarten Drop Off: Those with kindergarteners may drop off their child(ren) at the green kindergarten drop off area. This is for drop-off and pick up for families with kindergarteners only. Siblings may be dropped off with the kindergartener and can help them get to class. (DO NOT LEAVE VEHICLES UNATTENDED!)

Parking: Please help us be good neighbors by parking only in legal parking spaces. Do not park in red zones, crosswalks or driveways.