Get Empowered!
Sat, Dec 12 10:49pm

As a thank you to Sabia Pinheiro for kicking off our Move-A-Thon, we'd like to share the following with the Bancroft community:


Virtual family arts, exercise and learning family fun for kids 4 and up! Join us for a special December program with arts and crafts, movement and exercise and fun and games during school holiday break time!
Your kids are welcome to join our community for fun, friendship, arts and creativity, movement and music and games! It’s the perfect way for them to burn off some winter energy while you get a quick, guilt-free break!
All classes are held on Zoom for 30 minutes and are just $5 per household!
Choose: Single Class or Full Day Pass based on your family’s needs

Here’s what’s on deck this December!
Creative Movement
Relax and Recharge (Yoga and Mindfulness)
Capoeira Arts and Fitness Fun
Scavenger Hunt Games
Hip-Hop Dance
Music and Movement
Paper Arts and Crafts
Movement Games
Global Music Games
Register now to watch your kids grow, play, make friends and have fun with a wide variety of fantastic children’s activities designed for creative expression, health and wellbeing and the positive mindset we need to GET EMPOWERED! and change the world!
Sabiá Pinheiro - Director & Lead Principal Artist
Toll Free Phone: 1-844-WE-EMPOWER
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