Ice Cream Social ( coolers needed )
Fri, Aug 18 7:45am-11:00am
Bancroft Elementary
Hello Bobcats!
The school kitchen has run out of freezer space, and it is impossible to store the ice cream for our ice cream social this Friday .  We will need 15 coolers that can hold at least one 3 gallon ice cream container (diameter 9 3/4”, height 11 5/8”).
If you would like to help, please drop off the cooler at the school office this Friday between 745 AM and 11 AM. 
Please label your cooler with your name and phone number, and don’t forget to pick it up after the event or on Monday at the school office.
Thank you for your help and see you all Friday!
Sandra Gonzalez
PFC President 


Large cooler with ice Signed Up: 13 / 15

Fri, Aug 18 7:45am-11:00am
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