Life Skills Assembly
Bancroft Elementary

Your teacher will contact you if your child is being presented with a Life Skill Award and invite you to the assembly. Assemblies take place monthly with 1st-2nd at one assembly and 3rd-5th at another. Kindergartners are presented with Life Skills awards in their classrooms.


Students are encouraged to develop and demonstrate positive life skills: 

  • Sense of Humor—to laugh and be playful without hurting others
  • Perseverance—to continue in spite of difficulties
  • Effort—to try your hardest
  • Flexibility—the ability to alter plans when necessary
  • Common Sense—to use good judgment
  • Responsibility—to respond when appropriate, to be accountable for your actions
  • Friendship - to make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring Initiative—to do something because it needs to be done
  • Organization—to plan, arranges, and implement in an orderly way; to keep thing in an orderly, readily usable way
  • Patience—to wait calmly for someone or something
  • Problem Solving—to seek solutions in difficult situations and everyday problems
  • Integrity—to conduct oneself according to a sense of what’s right and wrong
  • Curiosity—a desire to learn or know about one’s world
  • Cooperation—to work together toward a common goal or purpose
  • Caring—to feel concern for others
  • Kindness--to think about another person’s feelings and help someone in need. Kindness makes the world a better place and makes people happier.

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