Note on Reopening Plan from Bancroft School Site Council
Mon, Nov 2 6:01pm

Please see below for a message from Bancroft's School Site Council parent members on the reopening plan.

Hello Bancroft families!

On Friday, you should all have received an email from the Superintendent’s Office asking you to fill out a non-binding survey regarding your initial preferences related to the District’s plan to provide families with the option of returning their children to face-to-face learning at school sites. Families can choose between continuing 100% Distance Learning, or moving to a Limited Hybrid Model. A number of parents have shared concerns that they do not have the information that they need in order to make their decisions. For this reason, the parent members of the Bancroft School Site Council have put together as much information as we can in the form of the attached Frequently Asked Questions document. All answers were found on the district website or health department website. 

We don’t have answers to all of the questions that we have heard already, and we are sure that there are even more questions that we haven’t even heard yet. But this document is an effort to provide you with the answers we have now about how all of this will play out, with as much clarity as we have. Thank you to Principal Dunn for her help in our efforts to gather information from the District and her commitment to continue asking questions to which we still need answers.

While we hope that you will all read the FAQs, below is a summary of some of the key take-aways regarding some of the details of the return to school plan that may not be obvious to many families:

  • Distance Learning
    • Would continue with the required minimum instructional and interactive times remaining the same.
  • Limited Hybrid Model
    • 2 days (Mon/Tues OR Thur/Fri) - returning to school face-to-face for two successive days each week from 9 am to 1 pm
    • 3 days remaining - independent study with NO scheduled synchronous teacher instruction/Zoom
    • No details available on how TWDI will function in terms of split between Spanish/English instruction.
    • If cases rise/exposure occurs, altered schedule will be necessary
    • Will be sent on Nov 16, 2020 to submit FINAL preferences for the remaining school year
    • Must be submitted Nov 19, 2020
    • Families failing to submit the declaration will continue with 100% distance learning
    • Selected choice CANNOT be changed during the school year
  • No guarantees to remain with current teacher or school
    • Selecting the same learning format as your student’s current teacher WILL NOT guarantee your child will remain with that teacher or school 


 Parent Members of the School Site Council

(Marsha Galicia-Monroe, Jason Horst, Kristina Johnson, David Barnard, Jarrod Epps, and Sarah Baltazar)

**contact information is listed in Bancroft's Konstella Directory**