Thu, Mar 5 7:59am

Online auction is now open!  Bidding starts now and will end Friday , March 13 at 8pm.  


There are some items that are "buy now" pricing.

  • Disneyland Park Hopper 4 Packs at discounted pricing
  • Teacher for the Day
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • "Buy in parties."  Buy a spot at a hosted party.  Parties: Parent Hike with breakfast, Dad's Poker Night, Kid's Soccer Party, Back to School Swim Party for Fall 4th Graders (current 3rd graders)

Other items:

  • Sports Camps
  • VIP seating to The Jungle Book school play,  5th Grade Promotion, Dianne Adair Holiday Show, Cut the Line at Info Days, VIP parking spot for the 2020/21 school year
  • Auction event VIP table
  • Summer Camps (Including Dianne Adair)
  • Museums
  • Dance/Music Lessons
  • Pool Memberships (Rancho San Miguel/Scottsdale/Woodlands)
  • After School Enrichment sessions
  • Brazen and Mermaid race entries
  • Hurricane Harbor/Gilroy Gardens/Oakland Zoo/Sienna Ranch


Access the online auction here:


Buy auction tickets here- 25 left! 


Sign up to be an auction night volunteer.  If you volunteer for both evening shifts you will receive dinner, a drink and bid number to get your hands on some of these amazing items.

 Volunteer here: