Odyssey of the Mind (ootM) Kick-Off Meeting
Mon, Sep 17 6:30pm
Bancroft Elementary, STEM Lab/Maker's Space (next to library)

Imagine a combination of theater and problem solving with a creative twist!  Teams of students work together to produce incredible solutions to creative problems while thinking “Beyond the Box” in the creative competition: Odyssey of the Mind!

Join us on Monday, Sept 17th for our Odyssey of the Mind Kick off meeting. You can learn more about what Odyssey entails and meet other families who are participating. There is additional information on the Bancroft PFC page (http://www.bancroftpfc.org/odyssey-of-the-mind.html) and "Odyssey of the Mind" Konstella group.

Kick Off Meeting Details: STEM Lab / Maker's space (near the library)

Monday, Sept 17th, at 6:30pm

Interest Form: https://goo.gl/forms/mNynAAlGs3F3AvXx1


If possible, please submit your interest forms before our meeting on September 17th. Returning teams and parents and coaches, please let the OotM Coordinators know if your team is need additional members.