Odyssey of the Mind
Mon, Oct 4 11:23pm


It's time to register for Odyssey of the Mind.  Here is a link to a video explaining the program.  The Powerpoint presentation referenced in the video is attached.
How to register:
1.  If your child hasn't participated before, watch the video to understand the program.
2.  Ask your child if they have a preference for which problem they want to work on (see problem descriptions here.)  This is only for grades 3-5.  Grades K-2 don't have a choice of problem, there is only 1 option at that level.
3.  Ask your child if they have any friends they want to be teamed up with (if so either come up with a group name for registration purposes or list names of friends on registration form).
4.  Decide if you or another adult is willing to coach.  As explained in the video, coaching is more chaperoning than coaching.  The spirit of Odyssey is that the kids really do everything themselves.  Coaching requires attending a zoom training session (see details in attached ppt) and being present when the kids meet.  You can reserve a room on school campus (contact main office) or offer your home.  
5.  Decide if you want to do virtual or in person.  See here for details.  There are two ways to compete this year:  virtual or in person.  If you decide to do virtual, the team basically acts as an independent team and the cost of membership $125 would be split among the 7 team members.  If you decide to do in person, the team is a Bancroft team and splits the Bancroft membership ($135) across all of the Bancroft teams (unlimited K-2 teams and 1 3-5 team per problem).  I am happy to coordinate forming the teams (virtual and in person) and handling the in-person membership for Bancroft School.  If a team decides to do the virtual option, however, it will be responsibility of team to buy the virtual membership.
6.  Complete this registration form by Friday 10/8.
7.  Only 7 kids per team.  Kids in grades K-2 can be on the same team and kids in grades 3-5 can be on the same team.  
8.  K-2 teams should start practicing after Thanksgiving or sooner.  Grades 3-5 teams should start as soon as possible to have as much time as they can to complete the problem.  Meeting weekly is generally typical.  
8.  If you have any questions email me at amanda.m.jain@gmail.com.
Thank you!