PFC Meeting Agenda for 2/13/18
Sun, Feb 11 11:11am
Bancroft Elementary

Bancroft Elementary

PFC Meeting February

February 12, 2018


Meeting Facilitated by:  Sandra Heinen

Board Members:  Sandra Heinen-President; Amiee Gordon-Vice President; Ashley Foster-Treasurer; Sarah Rhodes-VP Communications; Jennifer Enson-Secretary; Matt Gould-VP Strategic Funds; Mari Mielcarski-Parliamentarian and Historian


Time Topic Owner

7:00-7:05 Welcome-Sandra Heinen


7:05-7:15 Reading/Approval of last meeting’s minutes-Jennifer Enson


7:15-7:30 Treasurer’s Report-Ashley Foster


7:30-7:50 Principal’s Report -Linda Schuler

*Explanation of CAASP Scores

*Projected Student Enrollment 2018/2019


7:50-8:10 Faculty Report-Mrs.Giffin/Mrs.Parker/Ms. Andrews

8:10-8:20 Old Business -Sandra Heinen

*Update-Letter writing campaign on behalf of the parents

*50th Anniversary Update

*Instructional Assistant Funding-Vote


8:20-8:55 Committee Reports

*PEAK: Update-Emily Andrews

*Auction: Update-Suzanne Leibowitz

*PAC: Update-Pauline VanBeek

*Strategic Funds: Update Outdoor Classroom-Matt Gould


8:55-9:00 Announcements-Sandra Heinen


9:00 Adjournment-Sandra Heinen