Parent Campaign to MDUSD about needed classroom space
Tue, Jan 30 8:54pm
Bancroft Elementary

Hello fellow Bancroft parents,

Over the past few years we have seen significant enrollment at our school which has emphasized the need for additional space. As many of you know, plans were made to add 6 new portable classrooms back in 2015. To date only 2 have been delivered and we are now hosting classes like art on the Multi-Use Room stage and sharing the additional classrooms across multiple efforts. 

We are asking parents to help us in a collaborative email writing campaign to the MSUSD Board, and Superintendent staff to highlight this ongoing issue and work toward a resolution.

Please see a sample letter below as well as the list of email addresses. We encourage you to use as-is or modify as you see fit in order to highlight this continued issue of space constraint at our school. 

Thank you in advance for your support!


PFC Executive Board



Email Addresses:

Debra Mason, Board President:

Cheryl Hansen, Board VP:

Joanne Durkee, Board member:

Brian Lawrence, Board member:

Linda Mayo, Board member:

Nellie Meyer, Superintendent:

Jose Espinoza, Asst Superintendent, Elementary:



To whom it may concern,

I am a parent at Bancroft Elementary and I would like to start off by saying that I truly value the "extra" learning opportunities that our community has been able to provide our children over the years - from a solid K-5 art curriculum, to our STEAM lab, to chromebooks in the classroom, to the garden. And I appreciate the help that MDUSD has provided in areas such as the garden, tech support, the new TWDI option, and bringing back Instrumental Music.  Bancroft is truly a supportive and flourishing school thanks to our principal, teachers and community!

Given this, there is no wonder that enrollment has increased over the years and this creates logistical challenges to ensure that all of the important learning disciplines such as art, music, and STEAM - that have been such a valued part of our education and experience - have the required space in our school.  I understand the District approved the addition of six portable buildings for Bancroft in 2015 to accommodate the growth.  We were happy to see the first two arrive in 2016, but we have not received any additional portable buildings since. Our school now has 628 students (compared to upper 400s prior to portables arriving) and I am very concerned that we will not have space to accommodate our students needs next school year, as we expect enrollment to grow yet again next year.

Can you please provide an update on the plan for delivery of the remaining approved portable buildings to Bancroft? As a parent, I see this as a critical component for continued delivery of the high level of service currently being provided at this school.  In order to prepare for the 2018-19 school year, and be organized at the start in August, we would need the portables by May 2018.

Thank you,

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