Planning your child's 5th grade outdoor ed!
Wed, Oct 27 9:15pm

 Want to help fund your child’s Outdoor Education trip?

Each year the 5th grade students attend Outdoor Ed.  Funding Outdoor Ed comes from two sources.  Primarily, individual families are asked to donate toward their child’s trip. The remaining funds need to be raised by various fundraising efforts.  One simple way to start earning money now is through the Benefit mobile app.

Benefit is the mobile payment app that is a great way to save money on items you are already purchasing!  Use the Benefit app to check out at the register in-store or on the checkout page online. Each purchase earns between 2% - 20% of the transaction total that is sent to the cause of your choosing.

How to use Benefit

  1. Download the Benefit Mobile App (see attached for image of logo and instructions)
  2. Create an account
  3. Under settings click on “Beneficiaries” and choose “Bancroft Parent Faculty Club”
  4. Under the Bancroft Parent Faculty Club, locate your child’s “Campaign” which is their current grade. (This is updated annually so the money earned will follow your child’s grade)
  5. Enter your payment type (your credit card number for gift card purchases)
  6. Start earning money!

Examples of how to earn money:

  • Purchase an Amazon gift card. Cut and paste the gift card number to your Amazon account.  The balance will now be on your account for when you make purchases
  • You are having dinner at Chili’s. Your bill comes.  Buy a gift card for the amount of the bill and they can scan your barcode from your phone
  • You are planning travel on Southwest Airlines. When you calculate the total, purchase a Benefit gift card and cut/paste the gift card number into the payment section
  • Want to buy a gift card for somebody? Purchase it on Benefit and have it emailed to you.  Then forward or print out to give to the recipient
  • Use the Starbucks or Peets app? Purchase a gift card on Benefit and add it as a payment method on your app.
  • Buying the teacher a gift card? Buy one on the app, email it to the teacher!


Benefit is an easy way to start saving money now!  It is never too early to start saving for Outdoor School.   


Questions?  Contact Benefit lead Suzanne Yahiro Leibowitz at